Jasper Huang, the pioneer of Taiwanese embroidery pattern. Being well educated in fine arts, Jasper has studied in Fu-Hsin Trade and Arts School in his early days. Jasper Huang has won several awards in Taiwan and in worldwide. With never-ending inspirations from the local arts and cultural scene in Taiwan, Jasper Huang's womenswear collection infuses art-deco chinoiserie and sharp tailoring. His world of cinematic glamour, juxtaposes the enigmatic East and digital era. With graduate awareness in different regions, Jasper is exploring his retail career to global market with his maturing collage techniques combining various printing pattern with different textures.

With the successful branding in Taiwan, Jasper and his team strive for different global experience in recent years. In 2008, he is the only Taiwanese representative to JFW-IFF (Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo-International Fashion Fair). He releases his 2012 Collection in New York in September 2011. He is the only Taiwanese designer invited to “City of Dream”, run by Melco Crown Entertainment, for its first fashion fete “Glam Slam” in Macau Hyatt in 2011. In such extravaganza, the Japanese super model Ai Tominaga displayed Jasper’s evening gown in the gala dinner. With graduate awareness in different regions, Jasper is exploring his retail career to global market, including Japan, Germany, United States, and Mainland China.


近年,黃嘉祥服裝事業積極與國際市場接軌,2009年代表台灣參與東京時裝週的展演; 2011年於紐約時裝週展期發表個人2012早春系列作品「古寺的舞者」; 2011年受邀澳門新濠天地舉辦「Glam Slam」大秀,更是由日本籍國際名模富永愛(Ai Tominaga)演繹晚禮服作品出席。憑藉著多方面的創作動能,黃嘉祥融合西方時尚觀點與東方設計蘊涵的時裝商品、定製服與配件受到各方的重視與好評,逐漸在台灣建立起一個廣受矚目的設計師品牌。自2011年起,完整的時裝系列中大量展現豐富布花與各種創新材質的趣味拼接,手法更臻成熟內斂,並積極將商品逐漸拓展至日本、德國、美國,以及大陸內地銷售。

This is a commitment I shall persist.
The more you know how to make good use of your tradition, the more you have chance to be seen.