Oriental Chic and Fashion


Keeping his roots, it is Jasper’s dream to radiate nowadays fashion with Oriental Aesthetic, by an electric mix of Chinese textures and modern arts into exclusive and avant-garde designs. His hard work speaks for itself for pondering the true meaning of his cultural background after the cross-cultural experience when studying in New York in his early twenties. He masters transferring those traditional materials into fashion looks, which makes his collection identifiable in the industry.

With never-ending inspirations from the traditional aesthetics and cultural scene, Jasper's collection infuses art-deco chinoiserie and sharp style. His world of cinematic glamour, juxtaposes the enigmatic East and digital era. It’s the typical graphic, which blends cinematic images of Oriental world with modern computer technique, such as peony, phoenix, solid-geometric styled design, stone gem, and auspicious patterns on empires’ dragon robe. With graduate awareness in different regions, Jasper is exploring his design career to global market. Jasper continues to shines his devotion and passion through the style of traditional yet rebel, modern yet classical, in every collection.

黃嘉祥以時尚藝術家自居,擅長將經典神祕的的傳統東方符號,以大膽鮮明的色彩、豐富有趣的印花視覺設計呈現前衛的東方風情。早年在紐約學習藝術的經驗,他將自有品牌「Jasper Huang」的每一件作品都視為是文化的省思。他經常在傳統的東方文化中找尋靈感,卻不受傳統元素既有框架的束縛,進而創造出獨一無二的時尚氛圍。